Charles George Mortimer Bradley (maybe)
Marianne Mortimer

Samuel Bradley was transported to Tasmania in 1825. He married Marianne Mortimer in Hobart in 1833. This database contains as much as I have been able to discover so far about Samuel, Marianne and their descendants (mostly in Australia).

I have included the unproven photo of my gg grandfather, Charles George Mortimer Bradley (below), because he has the same "look" as my uncles. He has to be a Bradley! Charles Bradley is quite special to me as he was born in Australia. Of my 16 gg grandparents only two were born in Australia although at least 10 others came out to Australia. At least five of Charles' children spent time in WA. Three of them including my great grandfather Francis Mortimer Bradley stayed permanently in WA, as did a number of Rosina Bradley's (Ainsworth) descendants and a sprinkling of Tamar Bradley's (Turley) family.

Before I found the light and moved to TMG I was using software which did not allow easy sourcing. Hence much of my early data is not well sourced. I want to pay tribute to Desmond Tatchell, Bev Moore and Elaine Green who are the pioneers of Bradley/Mortimer family research and who have provided me with a great deal of the information which underpins this database. I also want to thank Lou Daniels who solved the mystery of Anne's disappearance and who provided most of the data on her descendants

I still have a great deal of work to do to make the "Notes" tags against key family members  more readable and less of a "data dump". This task will be ongoing for some time.

If anyone has more information, photos and/or corrections I would love to hear from you. To be on the safe side I have excluded Living People from the database. If you spot anyone who is still alive please let me know and I will remove them.